We offer a full line of coatings to protect against demanding conditions found in the power market.


Carboline offers coatings for conventional power, nuclear, and the renewable energy market. Carboline’s coatings for new construction provide long-term protection against chemical, abrasive, high-temperature, and extreme atmospheric environments. Carboline has a full line of maintenance coatings that provide aesthetic value and extended corrosion protection for the aggressive in-service conditions present in the power market.


Coatings used on wind turbines are formulated for their specific needs. Turbine blades and parts are continuously moving and exposed to harsh weather and UV rays.


We have a long history in the nuclear power industry. Our nuclear certified coatings are ideal for both new construction and maintenance.


Other types of energy coatings, like those used in the hydroelectric energy industry, require high levels of water immersion and abrasion resistance.

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