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Carboclean Gel 100

The product is a biologically degradable liquid without any hazardous substances. It is approved as a HOCNF Class Yellow product, and can be disposed to drains/sewage systems without containment. Active ingrediants are citric acid, phosphoric acid, inhibitor and water. It has a light red colour, sour smell and a pH value of 1,1 til 1,7 with density 1.23 g/cm3.

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Features & Benefits

  • Carboclean Gel 100 is used to remove oxides (rust), chalk, magnetite, humus, salt, concrete, shell, algae and other deposits. Well-suited for treatment of ceilings, walls and other surfaces treatment of metals and plastic-/polyester products. The gel tixotropy gives the product time to work without sagging and drying out. Does not damage paints, plastics, metals, linings or packings.