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Polyclad 704

Polyclad 704 is a very high performance structural coating. The product is designed to be used on steel pipe exteriors, coating girth welds on steel pipe and other repairs ( PE, PP, etc.) as recommended.

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Features & Benefits

  • • Low ambient temperature cure system (-10°C to +10°C).
  • • Excellent corrosion resistance to marine environments.
  • • Excellent corrosion resistance to buried pipes and tanks.
  • • Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment.
  • • Excellent resistance to electric insulation (12.000 Volts/mm).
  • • May be applied in a single coat wet on wet at standard dry film thickness of 2.000 µm.
  • • Superior wetting properties and excellent adhesion to steel.
  • • Can be topcoated with CARBOTHANE® series for long term color and gloss
  • retention.